So, I won a tablet…


Two weeks ago Mark and I attended the Atmel Tech on Tour seminar. This was my first time going to one of their events like this, so I didn’t know what to expect. The exercises brought back memories of being in my first electronics class in college, which also happened to be a grad level course I had no business being enrolled in. It felt sort of like I was drowning the whole time, but Mark was there to fish me out of any confusion I had while trying to navigate their massive programming platform.

At some point before the lunch break our teacher… ugh…. person giving the talk (who thought I was Mark’s ‘secretary’), informed us that Atmel was holding a sweepstakes for a Galaxy tablet which you could enter by submitting a selfie taken with the Atmel trailer in the background. Sweet! I may not be able to program very well, but I can take a picture with my phone just fine. =X

It was a windy day. The gusts sounded (and felt) as though they were going to send the little classroom trailer rolling through the parking lot. Mark and I did the best we could to take an interesting photo in such conditions. Long story short… I got an email today informing me that the dorky picture above won their contest… which is pretty nice!

I won this (and I honestly don’t know anything about Galaxy tablets, but hey… as I don’t own an iPad, this might be a nice tool) :


Thanks Atmel for all the robot brains we’ll be ordering in the near future… and the tablet! ❤