I might have been an engineer, however one sad day I realized that I was bad at math… and in fact hated working with numbers, so I resolved this disappointment by going down the route of art and design. I’m pretty good at 2D stuff, but no matter how many illustrations of Mucha-esque femme-bots I create, the images will never be the robot army I’ve always wanted.

I spent too much of my life believing that I needed to be something other than what I am in order to tinker with electronics. Eventually I crossed paths with the Ardunio, which really cemented it in my head that you really do have the power to create anything you want so long as you’re willing to seek out knowledge. This blog is here to map my progress as I climb from relative cluelessness into the realm of awesome, and help anyone else out there who has the same desire.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey I teach Entertainment Engineering at a high school (Southwest CTA) here in Vegas. I recognized your Syn Shop shirt in the video and wanted to give you a shout. My seniors are building a few delta bot concepts for their senior project, maybe you’d want to come by for a morning and show off? Let me know, or give me a call/email. Hope to hear from you!

  2. Hi,

    I wanted to let you know about a challenge we put together called RepYourCity.

    We’re encouraging 3D printing enthusiasts like you to flex your artistic muscles and 3D print something that you feel symbolizes an important aspect about the place you live. After you finish the print – bonus points if you create the model from scratch ;) – take it out into the wild, snap a picture in a fitting location. Finally, upload it to either THRE3D.com or Instagram and check out what else people have posted.

    Visit for more info https://thre3d.com/blog/3d-printing/rep-your-city/

    Looking forward to seeing your submission and don’t forget to spread the word!


  3. hi my name’s tophy cho
    and i’m an indie filmmaker who’s last feature film has played at various festivals last year and is going to play this year in feb. at san franciscio indie fest and a london international festival…

    the reason i’m writing you is bc i’m working on my next script and it’s a feature about a hacker who sells drugs for the colombian cartel. it’s basically a story about a young guy in love with a girl and gets into way over his head in a race to impress her and ends up forced w/ dangerous choices to make.

    the reason i’m messaging you is bc i’m not a hacker not a computer guru.. beyond using facebook and video editing i’m really not good w/ computers.

    i’m hoping to meet someone who can tell me flesh out some of the details of hacking and help w/ the philosophical aspect of it in my story. i have finished the script.. it’s 120 pages, the standard length, but there’s so many holes i think.

    i’ve sent you youtube links of trailers to my last film. my last film which plays again in feb. is entitled “101 secrets”. if you’d have any interest in corresponding by email or chat let me know thank you :)


    kakao: tophy

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