Robot Army : The Church of Delta

So, it’s been a little while since my last update on fulfillment. Honestly, nothing exciting is happening. Things are getting fulfilled. Though it feels like we are barely inching along, the truth as that every couple of weeks we’re making huge strides.

We have everything done with the exception of brain boards and parts. Production of parts is going slowly because we’ve turned away a lot of help that’s been offered in the task of printing them. Mark and I stubbornly feel more comfortable maintaining the quality ourselves… and as for the brain boards… well, they haven’t arrived yet. Soon.

I’ll be honest though. I’m anxious to play with the brood again. Mark and I hardly got any development in before May, and haven’t done a thing sense. We slave away every day pushing pieces into bags, counting, sealing… and all of this taking place with the deltas watching silently in the center of the room where they’re a reminder of the fun we’ll eventually have once all the work is done.

So here is what we have DONE. Finished… waiting to go in boxes :

The Bases.

Mark and I were able to strike acrylic mounting plates off our list about a week ago. We had all 600 plus pieces cut on a 3KiloWatt laser cutter…

And then we took the top pieces down to SYN Shop and etched our logo on all of them :


The =F face boards.

These are the LED boards that go in the little bubble on the effector of the delta robots. We got this in last week from OSH Park and were able to hand solder the components on them over the weekend :


In my free time.

Someone important once told me that the only way to make it far with any big idea, was to be completely and utterly obsessed with it. It’s true, your most ambitious goals only withstand time because no matter where life takes you, they keep banging around in the back of your mind like an impatient child. As such, they resurface again and again to be pushed a little farther towards completion.

Naturally, if you obsess over something it will manifest in everything you do. For me, in art and illustration. If you keep up that sort of repetition, the hype you produce will elevate your big idea to cult status. This was my mentor’s other advice about developing ideas : make people believe in it. What he was talking about was creating an identity and selling the shit out of it.

Obsession -> repetition -> people getting it.

What this is groping at is branding. Establishing an identity in the world is paramount to success. So in short, the life of Sarah for now is all about yellow triangles.

Welcome to the church of delta.


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