Defcon 21 : Down to the Wire


So it’s Wednesday now. I’m sipping my coffee while admiring last nights war zone, which is still strewn across the dining room table. Red dixie cups filled with components, plastic bins of surface mount parts, discarded chunks of tape,  lap tops, empty margarita glasses and more are all stacked on top of one another like the abandoned scene of a rape. The brutal part is that we aren’t even half way done and the gigs up tomorrow.

The wild card was drawn this past Sunday. Jeff and I went out for a nice breakfast so that we could fill out tummies before starting down our long check list of things to do for the day. When we arrived home, about an hour and a half later, upon walking through the front door I heard something no one should hear inside their house. Rain. I ran through the kitchen and into the living room to find water pouring from the ceiling onto the coffee table and couch below. It was one of those things that made no sense to me, so I stood in silent wonderment trying to process what was going on.

It turned out the bathroom upstairs flooded… long story short, amidst frantically finishing up the darkNet kits, Jeff’s own trophy for Crash and Compile, and about a dozen other things, we had to come to a grinding halt and address the situation. We vacuumed up the water and put fans on the wet areas… but by Monday the smell from the damp padding beneath was nauseating. With little options, Jeff peeled back the carpeting. We abandoned the house to let it dry out and brought everything we needed to finish kits over to my parent’s place and have since been seeking refuge here where it’s dry.


Yesterday we recruited our friends Kermit and Genny to help with assembly. At first it was just a matter of sorting the components into cups and then putting each collection of parts into mini static baggies. Then at some point we realized we were putting the wrong instructions in these baggies and had to open them all up and switch them out, putting us in the negative at around eleven at night.


The tedious part was left to Mark and Kermit. They were in charge of laying the surface mount bits onto little labeled squares of paper, then rolling tape over them so they’d stay in place. Jeff is programming chips still, and after all this is said and done there are still the through-hole kits to knock off to the tune of another 300.


The wind was thoroughly taken out of my sails. I sense tonight will be a repeat of the last… but fuck it. Tomorrow the party starts and I intend to enjoy myself!

I have massive amounts of respect for Jeff for staying motivated and focused in spite of any speed bumps that have tried to throw him these past few weeks. He’s taken on a lot and is so close to making this a success. ❤ You are an unstoppable force and are completely amazing to me.

…and you slaves, you did alright yourselves for helping 😉 Danke.

What is this super cool project we’re all working on? Read more here : The DefCon DarkNet Project

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