SM Taco Time : Pick a Pony

It has to start somewhere…

Two weeks ago Mark and I met on a Friday, drank a case of beer, and filmed four hours of footage involving cartoon horses. It was exciting, revealing, and everything a talk about bronies shouldn’t be. After editing it down we came up with this… a rant that captures our inner child at its most immature and perverted state.

On our agenda of topics we had some good points to make regarding the brony movement, that acknowledged the more sensitive and often ignored part of the male soul… as well as a debate about whether or not most bronies really like MLP, or are just leaping onto a new and irreverent fad. Most of these segments ended up getting cut (for the moment) because of how long they were. As a result we are releasing something that lacks any true intellectual content, however we plan to cover these points again in a future episode where we revisit the brony subject and talk about the impact it has had on us…. which sadly it has.

In the mean time enjoy laughing at our expense.

The next episode is all about mysterious project ‘L’. With Mark on a new work schedule we will have a brief moment this summer to focus on our current monstrosities. This should yield some good footage and many speed progress videos…. So we’ll lock up the liquor cabinet for now and kick into production mode.

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