SYN Shop Podcast Pilot


Last weekend my friend and collaborator Mark Koch and I were asked by our wonderful PR team at SYN Shop to have our delta robot making ‘rivalry’ featured in the pilot episode of the hackerspace’s podcast.

Needless to say we were excited to help out and talk a little bit about our precious bots whom we’ve been building over the past five or so months. We each had goals to achieve before the episode was shot last Sunday, but both Mark and I had some complications that kept us from preparing anything epic quite yet. With the team’s deadline set before first friday, they needed to get things underway so they took what we had (even though we whined a little).

You see… I had a lot of motors scheduled to arrive earlier this week, which they did on time as expected… however I am an idiot and ordered the wrong size and had to return everything. This was a huge buzz kill. Mark on the other hand was hoping to have robotic fingers fixed to the effector of his delta, which would grip or release by means of electromagnet. He underestimated how tricky it would be to make your own home-brewed electromagnet or solenoid, so he too was SOL come Sunday.

Amber likes top :


I hope I didn’t ramble too much during the interview. I will post the video here as soon as it’s done being edited. Thank goodness the thing wasn’t broadcast live. ::cringe:: and thank something we had beer left over in the fridge from Pawel’s birthday party to ease the process. =]


Suz directing all of us silly drunks :


Mark oogling over what real delta robots look like :


Our directors and interviewers, Suz and Pawel :


Thank you both so much for thinking of us while choosing your guinea pigs! It was truly a blast!

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