Blinking Man


I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was ten, I’ve had surgery on my head recently… and this event involved consuming alcohol. That being said, going was a great bad idea!

Luckily Krux had an extra working bike for me to use. Needless to say we had enough ‘blink’ between the two of us to decorate my ride. He even got me a shiny red helmet to protect my fragile brain… just incase.

IMG_1804The route started at the Huntridge tavern down town which is riding distance from our usual Saturday meetup at the shop. We left just before sundown and joined the horde of people prepping in the parking lot. It didn’t take long to discover that the apparent theme was green due to it being 4-20, something that failed to occur to either of us. No one in our group really bought into the green paraphernalia trend though. We stood around for quite a while waiting for people to show up but that gave me time to skirt around and take some pictures of the amazing costumes and decked bicycles :

IMG_1826Kermit’s shmexy furry bike resembling oscar the grouch :



Sweetie :




As soon as it was dark enough, the massive school of bikes started on their way to the Triple George… where I had my first drink. I was nervous about riding in the beginning, if only about maneuvering in a tight group… but it wasn’t nearly as tricky as I thought. With that initial dash of fear and adrenalin the start of the night was exhilarating. We were a pack of wild light beasts charging through the darkness as the people we passed cheered us on!




But that experience was only half of the night. When we weren’t riding we were drinking… and I must say there are some surprising little pubs down town. One of the stops was at a tavern that resembled a wizard’s study, with black and white checkered floors and ceiling high book shelves called the Lady Silvia. Our last stop was at a place in the new Fremont district which everyone was calling the ‘Park’. I had never been there, but the back patio area had a light canopy with a towering hotel hanging above.

If you haven’t ever participated in one of these blinking bike pilgrimages, I highly suggest it. I threw everything together sort of last-minute this year, but next time I plan to have at least ten times more blink. Here are a few of my pictures from the event :

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