Robo Day


This past Saturday was Robo Day, an event at the Cheyenne campus of the local college where humans could come and acquaint themselves with their future dominators.

Syn Shop was offered space at the event so myself and a few of the other robot enthusiasts brought our babies down to show to the world. My delta robots, Jeden, Sznurek, and Squanto made their debut as I demoed Jeden all day with an interactive GUI :


Krux finished repairing Nomad the previous weekend and had him running with a new upgraded brain and power supply. In addition to the hulking beast on wheels we brought stationary, the little treaded rover that resembles Wall-E :


I had the honor of sitting next to ‘Amber’, Mark’s lovely white delta robot… who as of that particular day could only move on a thrusting z-axis. Nathan had his cute spider-like hexapod crawling about while he talked about the 3D printer we had set up at the booth… Which tied in well with all of our 3D printed bots.


The eight hours flew. Before I had anything wired up I was intrenched with people asking about the mysterious neon tripods before me. It turned out that in spite of the event being held at the college, the majority of the attendees were children. So many children…

All and all, the Shop got a lot of exposure. There were at least a few people there who seemed interested in memberships and I got to influence some older kids into getting acquainted with the arduino. So working the booth was a success.

After all the tearing down, none of us felt like staying at the shop for any amount of time longer than it took to unload everything… So we went to our new favorite bar to socialize and eat. The reason why this place is so cool is that last Tuesday when Krux taught his first soldering workshop which involved the ‘TV B Gone’ kit, I ended up finishing mine at the bar (which I’m pretty sure counts as some form of terrorism). And if soldering a TV B Gone at a sports bar isn’t cool enough, the manager who came over to inquire about what I was doing encouraged us to test our new toys on the TVs mounted along the walls once we explained to him how the device worked.

So it was here where the last few hours of the night took place. I even got into the most charming argument with John about the female anatomy. As if his arguments with Mark about electronics, and with Jeff about networking weren’t audacious enough… yes, he picked a fight with me about the vagina. And that is why my friends are the best.<3


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