Year End


Imagine a whole field of these guys swaying, bobbing and dancing in sync to the thoughts and mental cues of their Mommy, myself. Count on seeing it for real this summer…!

Now that Christmas is over I can afford to focus some more attention on getting that army of delta robots made. I’m still not sure if I’ll have the volume featured above ready in time for the Mini Maker Faire next month (in fact there is no way), but I’m going to try like hell to have an array of at least four to show off.


Do these look familiar? YES, YES, They do! I disassembled my two prototypes from the summer this afternoon and have started compiling them into one better working robot. I have enough regular sized servo motors to make exactly four deltas, so I’ll use what I’ve got.

In other news, I’ll be doing my soldering from now on with a proper heat stick of epic quality which was given to me for Christmas yesterday by my sweetie and mad counterpart. Its beautiful. It even looks like it tastes good :


I look so happy to be melting :


Stay posted!

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