Othello Goggles : Switches and Things

I began my second set of goggles a couple of weeks ago and have since finished all the neat cosmetic parts on the exterior. Just like the name suggests, they are all in black and white, one eyepiece black with white trim, the other eyepiece its opposite.

With the artsy part finished, this weekend I started on the electronic portion and wired up a breadboard with all my componants : three bat switches for each color channel of an RGB LED and a toggle button to switch between the LEDs housed in the two separate eyepieces.

For this project I am using the ATTiny 2313 microcontroller, supplied to me by Krux. As I have never used anything other than the arduino, he is also helping me yet again with the programming portion. This is a learning experience for both of us, so hopefully I can jump up the latter as quickly as he can on this one. (As always thank you for the help!).

So far we have the switches controlling the channels just as they are supposed to in ‘Basic Mode’. The ‘Extended Mode’ however with allow for more color customization. The switches will allow you to select each color channel and the toggle button can then be used to adjust the color percentage adding 10% brightness per press.

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