Delta Array : After the Fact

Me getting hit in the face. Enjoy:

Meh… Fabrication is so exciting for me. I can build something that looks great… but a sexy appearance doesn’t assure a working robot. That’s the compromise between technology and aesthetics.

Its been thundering and raining out so naturally the crazed engineer in me surfaced tonight. I was controlling the mini delta again with the GUI just to see if I could maybe figure out some way to smooth its movement… but one of the motors ended up murdering itself. I could hear the clicking sound of death and then the whining of stripped gears came shortly after:

The one thing I did learn is that there is nothing wrong with my wiichuk or the adapter. It runs perfectly fine with my old prototype. So this points the failure at the mini servos themselves I believe. Weird.

While the new (not shitty) motors ship, I’ll work on code stuff…. with a great big reluctant sad face.


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