Delta Array : Base and Servos Installed

I realize it’s been a while since my last post. Now that my summer vacation is over I can focus once more on my bots and post the progress reports I’ve neglected to do. Yay!

It took weeks of waiting but my mini motors finally arrived in the mail (which was actually about two weeks ago). The package was stamped from Hong Kong so I guess that explains why it took so long to get here. They are even smaller than I imagined. Aren’t they cute?

So far I’ve Attached the arms (that I cut from the black plastic hangers) to the mini servos:

I cut the clearance slots for the arms into the base and installed the motors as so. Note that I attached plastic tabs to the motors with plastic glue in order to have a large enough surface area to screw them onto the base:

…And repeated the whole process for all three robots:

The smaller sets of arms are also cut and ready to be attached to the larger ones, however I have hit a bit of a wall with where to go from here. I guess that’s a problem to solve tomorrow.


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