Delta Robot : WiiChuck Controlled Prototype

I’m getting there. This evening I permanently connected the ball joints to the rods and recreated the head of the delta out of some pretty black plastic! It’s come a long way from crappy cardboard and twisted legs to the sexy thing it is now:

Haha…. The thing hooks my glasses half way through this video. Teehee…

All and all I am pretty satisfied with my progress today. So far I have it running with a GUI in processing for full control, and a code I found for the wiiChuck. (however slow the movement may be).

For the wiiChuck code I used, check out this site. They pretty much outline their whole project and offer helpful information: Delta Robot controlled with WiiChuck

Also, there is some information on Don’t Buy, Make!

Next I will get the LED working on top… that’s all icing.


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