TouchOSC RGB Color Mixer with Sliders

Ok, moving on to slightly more advanced stuff regarding TouchOSC. Today I copied this nifty little project that I found on youtube which outlines how to make a simple slider that controls LEDs. I highly recommend following this tutorial and typing out the code as he explains what everything does. It was really helpful for a beginner like me as it solidified some of my understanding about the relationship between processing, arduino and the touchOSP app.

And yeah, I am aware that my ‘blue’ LED is in fact yellow. I didn’t have any pretty blues ones on me for this project. =P

The video I follow by Harrybj17:

One response to “TouchOSC RGB Color Mixer with Sliders

  1. I’ve been using touchosc to control the lights at our church, awesome app,
    however would be nice to have 3 channel XY mixer, IE color wheel.

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